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Ripped Sheets Waterproof Label Coop
Below please see the results of my label test.  On about
12/10/2002 I affixed the labels to a can of mousse that
I use daily.   The first test was to soak them in water and
all the labels performed well with no noticable deterioration
in the label.  I did this approx. once a week for 6 weeks and
the only thing I noticed was the "wet beer label" look to
the top and bottom label.  None of the labels smeared, faded
or rubbed off.  The next test was to soak the labels in EO/FOs. 
Again, no noticable problems.  Then I coated the can with
vaseline and again they all weathered it well. 
Long term report--see photo below
104200 When wet adopts the wet beer label look...which means
it was kind of see through...not a problem on a blank container
but on my preprinted test bottle you could see the print on the
can.  This did not affect the label's adherance to the can and the
print did not rub off--even through I scrubbed it good!  I
noticed some wrinkling in the label--but I use this daily and
may be more a function of the label being at the top of the
can where it got more wear and tear...might not be the label's
104000  Label started to peel up from the bottom and showed a
small scuff mark.  Held up to all the tests well despite these two
104100  This label showed the most scuff wear and is the least
"bright" of the labels...it is a matte finish label. 
104150  This high gloss label is the best of the lot but the cost is prohibitive. 
104300 As with the first label...this one gets the wet beer label look
and wrinkles.  I also notice it has smeared a little bit, but, not to the
point that it affects the label's readability. 
Results are above--working from top to bottom.

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