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Hey Jackie - just wanted to let you know that I received my incense
and it is delicious.  Exactly as I remembered it from ages ago. 
Everything that envelope came into contact with smells heavenly.  Your
home must smell wonderful...  Donna P.

I order your incense because I got hooked on it when I purchased some in Lake Geneva at the Venetian Festival. Thanks for all your hard work to make people like me happy. Lynn L.

Jackie dipping the "blanks" in her fragrance blends

Our incense is FRESH!  We often dip it just as you order it, so you may expect a three or four day delay for shipping.  Humidity plays a big role in drying the fresh sticks...and here in Florida you can never predict the weather!  And if you bought them at a show, they may have spent a couple days in the humidity--so they may be "wet".  If you are having any trouble keeping these fresh sticks lit, just keep those bags open and let the sticks breathe a bit more!   You can even throw them in a bud vase so the air can circulate around them. The scent you get from a partially burnt stick is greater than most any other stick you will ever buy...and you can relight it later and enjoy more scent.


Hand Dipped Incense
We hand dip and dry our wonderful incense using
only the best quality essential and fragrance oils--
the same ones we use in our soap and toiletries.
You are probably familiar with the incense dipped
with inferior incense quality oils--the ones that
don't burn as good as they smell on the stick
or the ones that only smell like wood burning! 
Not ours, ours are wonderful and strong burning. 
They are so fresh that you may only need to burn
a quarter to one half a stick at a time--just dunk
the burning stick in a glass of water to extinguish
the burn and then save it to relight the next day. 
The scent you get from burning a partial stick is
superior to the sticks you may be buying from
other sources.  If you order more than 10 sticks
of one scent, we will ship them in one bag (so
up to 30-40 sticks per bag)--but, if you need more
bags, just note it in the comments area and we
will send them with your order. 
SHIPPING NOTE:  If you are going to be
purchasing only incense, please note the
shipping charge my shopping cart shows will be
very high.  I will ship incense only orders under
140 sticks by first class mail to save on your
shipping costs when possible.  Incense orders
over 140 sticks will ship by Priority Flat Rate
without  the insurance.  Please see the shipping
rate table below!
10 sticks for $3.00 
Available in the following scents:

100% Natural


Spa Blend--
& Rosemary
100% Natural

& Myrrh

China Rain

Pumpkin Spice


Sage Lemon
& Lavender
100% Natural


Flapping in
the Breeze

100% Natural

100% Natural

Black Raspberry Vanilla

Butt Naked


Sweet Berry Wine

Spiced Cranberry


see shipping note above!!!  I
have tried to make this as close
as possible to actual shipping.
Cut me some slack if I am off
a few cents, ok?!

Number of Sticks
First Class Postage
Up to 70 sticks--ships flat letter rate
70-130 sticks--ships as a package

140+ sticks ships via Priority Mail


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Proudly accepting Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Paypal.


Member of the National Soap Guild for over ten years!

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