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Handmade Cloth Giftbags
These cute little giftbags are the perfect size to fill
with some of my products or treasures you have
made or collected to give as gifts.  They are available
in limited quantities, but, we have a great selection
of prints...many which were given to me by one of
my wholesale clients and friends, Pamela Young,
of the Rocking Chair Cottage in Blue Ridge, Georgia.
The giftbags have been sorted into the categories
below.  The florals start below.  Links to the other bags
are under the pictures of the floral giftbags. 
$5.00 per bag
We also have some cloth gift sacks available in the following patterns.  They are embellished with extra goodies to make them special!
Girlies--on the Kid's Bags page.
Crabs--on the Sports and Guys Page
Fishing Lures
$3.00 per sack
Floral Giftbags
Please click on the pictures for a bigger view of each
bag.  Please note that if the size you order is out of
stock, I will automatically send the bigger size if
available.  If you want only the size you order, please
note this in the comments area of the order form. 


Buy Ivy Giftbag $5.00

Ivy Giftbags Price: $5.00


Buy Black/Pink Floral Giftbag $5.00

Black/Pink Floral Giftbag Price: $5.00

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