Handcrafted by Jackie Turbot and JackieSoap.com

Giftbags--Country, Kids and Friendship


See below for more of our handmade cloth giftbags.  On this page I have ones suitable for Country themes, Kids and those for your Friends with a Tea Party theme. 
$5.00 per bag
Country Giftbags


Buy Dark Blue Dot/Country Hearts Giftbag $5.00

Dark Blue Dot/Country Hearts Giftbag Price: $5.00

Kids Giftbags


Raggedy Ann & Andy Giftbag $5.00

Raggedy Ann & Andy Giftbag Price: $5.00

Friendship Giftbags

Only red check bags still available, the beige cuff bags are sold out!

Tea Party & Friendship Giftbag $5.00

Tea Party & Friendship Giftbag Price: $5.00

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