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Policies and Order Information
1.  If you ever have any problems or prefer not to use our secure shopping cart, please call, text or email us with your order so we can compute your total by hand.   Discounts are done manually, your emailed receipt will not show the reduced prices. A correct receipt will be included in your box.  Your credit card will not be charged until we process and ship the order--usually same or next day.
2.  Our products are all made by me, by hand.  Expect to see some variance in size, color, or finish--it is part of the charm of a handmade product!  Labeling or packaging may change at any time at my discretion.
3.  We try to keep sufficient quantities of our products in stock.  However, we occasionally will run out.  If this happens we ask for your patience.  It takes up to 12 weeks to cure handmade soap to ensure it is mild and skin loving.  We will not cut corners to sacrifice the excellent qualities of our soaps!
4.  All shipping is done by USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation.  We have tried to make our quoted rates as accurate as possible, but we aren't linked directly to the post office.  So, shopping cart gives you a shipping estimate based on what you order.  However, I manually print your shipping label and then charge your credit card, so, I charge the actual shipping charge.  In the case of check and Paypal payments, I refund the difference to you.  You may use the post office's site to track your order; please see the link below.   If your box arrives damaged, it was done in transit.  Please save all packing materials and contact us within 3 days. 
5.  Tax on mail orders for Illinois is at our County rate (8.75%).  We do not charge sales tax on most out of state orders--except for Wisconsin and Iowa where we are authorized to collect tax.  Those purchasing from other states should contact their state taxing authorities. 
6.  All sales are final!  If you need a sample of something prior to purchase, please contact us by phone, text or email and we will try to accommodate you.   But, realize that most of our items are already very affordable or available in guest or single serve sizes for you to try before you buy a larger size product. 
7.  We accept no responsibility for conditions developing from the use or misuse of our products.  Please do a skin patch test if you are using a product for the first time to ensure you will not have any reactions.  The safety of these products has not been determined--we are required to say that--but we have tested them thoroughly!   :)   
8.  We value all of our wonderful customers and will do our utmost to keep you informed of the status of your order.  We are very communicative...but, if you ever don't hear from us--please email or call again.  We may be nearly perfect, but, our ISP and telephone company are certainly  prone to screwing up on occasion. 
9.  We accept cash, check, Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.     Shipping will not occur until payment in full has been received. 
10.  Product storage is very important.  Please do not leave your handmade products exposed to water, excessive heat, cold or humidity.  If properly cared for (think of these products as newborn babies!) the scent and the conditioning properties will last for months, if not years. 
11.  Special or custom soap orders require a $100 advance fee  and includes eight bars of soap.    So if you have a scent you are dying to have made up, let us know and we will search up to three sources for the fragrance and then make a soap just for you. If the scent doesn't work for you, we will refund you $100 less the cost and shipping to us for the fragrances. If it is a scent that we can add to our line, you will be able to buy the bars in the future at the regular price.  
12.  Ready to order?  Please use the links on the top left side of each page to take you to the products you want to buy.  If you have any questions, please call, text or email me (link below on every page) and ask--I check my mail several times a day and I will get back to you shortly! 

Proudly accepting Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Paypal.

Already ordered and want to see the shipping status of your order? Just grab your tracking number from the email you were sent and then click here!


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