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Essential Oils & Fragrance Oils

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Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils


These are the same oils I use for my soaps, so they

are of the highest quality possible.  Our suppliers

do not dilute or adulterate these oils and neither do

 we...straight out of the bottle from my home to yours!  

While these oils will be available at our shows, we

will usually only bring our bestsellers.  If you have a

special request for a particular oil, please contact us

several days before the show.    These oils are packaged

in amber glass bottles which hold 0.5

ounces of each scent.


Please DO NOT apply these directly to your skin.  While

they are skin safe, they are highly concentrated and MUST

be diluted before using on your skin. Just use a good 

quality vegetable oil to dilute then. Your other sources

for oils may be diluted...these are not, so don't risk the

possibility of causing yourself to become sensitized (allergic)

at some point in the future.  Then you may not be able to wear

any scents, use any scented cleaning products, you may start

coughing whenever you smell "anything" and you will lose

the ability to enjoy one of our most miraculous senses--the

sense of smell. 


Essential Oils are 100% natural being derived directly from the

plant material--and not every plant, fruit, nut or seed is able to

be distilled into it's essence.   Be very leary of anyone claiming

to have a 100% natural product when they have scents that

do not list the latin name (or INCI name) of the plant material.


Fragrance Oils may include an Essential Oil, but, they get their

great scents mainly from a chemical synthesis--like perfumes.

They should not be labeled as 100% natural because of this,

but, I can guarantee you these fragrances are among the

finest available anywhere!


Which is right for you?  It probably does not matter if you are

going to diffuse them in a burner or lamp ring.  Go with what

you like.  If you will be making your own bath and body

products, you might want to consider the essential oils if you

have sensitive skin or any allergies or if you are making a

product that will be left on the skin like a lotion or body oil. 


Please note, these are skin safe oils and I have not purchased

them for use in candles.  Please email me directly if that is how

you would like to use them.  I may be able to tell you if they are

candle safe and what their flashpoints are.


Another note, these bottles are not appropriate to be carried

around in a purse, bag or other such.  They are made to sit flat

on a shelf in a cool, dry location--they especially like your

refrigerator!  The oils will stain or discolor fabrics, wood surfaces

etc. if they spill, so please exercise due care in their use, storage 

and transport.


Shipping note:  If you just need oils, up to 5 bottles at a time

will fit in our first class mailing box for for something under the regular Priority Flat Rate of $7.75

shipping (that's as of January 2020).  Larger quantities will be 

mailed via Priority Mail.  We can only ship oils with higher flash

points via Priority Mail--others must go ground or parcel.


0.5 ounces in amber glass bottle   $6.00

Essential & Fragrance Oils Price: $6.00

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