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Bath Fizzies or as I like to call them, Bath Sachets,
are a wonderful way to treat yourself to a hot soak
in the tub...you add the wine, candles and music! 
These are made with baking soda and citric acid
(sour salt) to fizz as they dissolve.  Sweet Almond
or Apricot Kernel Oil is added for additional
moisturizing and smoothing.  Since you will be
stocking up on these, use them as a sachet to
give scent anywhere you want them...a drawer,
a closet, in a pretty bowl sitting in your bathroom
or even your car.  Remember, these are a
powder that when exposed to air get hard.  If
using them as a sachet, every once in a while
you will need to squeeze them to bring the fresh
powder out.  When you absolutely can't smell
anything anymore, then use it in the tub.  As
soon as it hits the water, the baking soda will
release the wonderful fragrance. Your shipping may be slightly higher if your order a bunch of these as this product requires a box.
5 - 1 oz. fabric bundles for $6.00

Buy 5 Bath Fizzies Now

5 Bath Fizzies Price: $6.00
Scent 1 :
Scent 2 :
Scent 3 :
Scent 4 :
Scent 5 :

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Just need a good hot soak in the tub to ease some achy muscles and joints, but, you don't need moisture, then these salts are for you.  (Use the fizzies above if you need moisture!)  These salts combine epsom salts and eucalyptus essential oil to help with the aches and pains...but the scent is pure "spa".   Along with ecualyptus, you will have the scent of peppermint, spearmint and rosemary to help you relax.  Add candles, wine and music to complete the feel!  I am experimenting with containers, so let's use the term "jar" loosely.  They may come in tin tie bags or chinese take out containers as I find what I like for my next generation of containers. Your shipping will be slightly higher as this product requires a box.
16 oz. Take Out Container   $10.00

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Simply Shea is a 100% pure Shea Butter
lotion which has been obtained from the
seed of the Shea Tree (Butyrospermum
Parkii) common to west Africa. From these
seeds a soft, pliant butter is expessed without
use of solvents, making a "butter" suitable
for soaps, cosmetics and toiletries. Shea Butter
is renowned for is skin softening and moisture
retaining ability. I love shea butter so much, I
put it in just about all of my products.  Now you
can get the same product they are selling on
the cosmetic counters at a fraction of the price
and it is not extracted using chemicals or solvents!
 If you ever feel any "graininess" it is actually one of the seven fatty acids in the shea butter that melts a little slower than the others. This one "bumpy" fatty acid is commonly removed when shea butter is refined, but, in this product all the good stuff is left in tact. So, don't worry…it's more good stuff soaking into your skin.
This is an unscented product.  Containers are usually plastic--because they ship better.  They are subject to change at any time. Your shipping will be slightly higher as this product requires a box.

1.5 oz.  $5.00 
4.0 oz. $12.00
8.0 oz. $19.00

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