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I often receive cards and notes with orders and thought I would pass on these comments here and on individual product pages, from some of my customers.  If you have any thoughts on any of my products, please feel free to leave any feedback in my guestbook--the link is below.

Order dated 1/5/17--I have purchased your soaps in the past at the Mt. Horeb Craft fairs. However, I missed the fair this past summer. Have tried other hand made soaps and just not as happy as I am with yours. JoAnn W., Barneveld, WI

Order dated 8/1/16--Thank you for making my favorite soaps and in the most heavenly of scents! Oatmeal Milk Honey and Satin Sheets are most favorite. I will always order them. Hugs ~ Cecelia Y., The Villages, FL

Email dated 1/31/2016: Received my order yesterday! Thanks for such a great product! My daughter was also excited. She texted me to let me know my order arrived and that the package smelled "awesome". Lydia M.

Email dated January 1, 2013--
I opened up my mailbox yesterday evening and the most wonderful smell filled my senses, what a great way to end the year! I've used your soaps for many years but this is the first time I've ordered online. It was so easy and fast, I'll definitely do it again. Thanks so much and happy new year.   Robin S.

Email dated November 9, 2012--I just have to tell you that I LOVE your soaps!!!!!!!  And my kids do too!  So glad that I ran into you at Septemberfest in Schaumburg!!!  Monica B.

Note from Facebook dated October 24, 2012--Jackie I am in love with your soap. So glad I found your card. Will probably be giving you another order very soon.  Linda R.

Note on order dated October 14, 2012--Buying the Lemon Eucalyptus for my gardening friends for Christmas!  What a nice present!  It is a jungle our here in GA.  Thank you for your soap.  LUV, luv, luv!  Alive V.

Note with order dated October 3, 2012--Jackie, I wanted to say "Thank You"!  I really love the soaps and the lather is Great!  Keep up the good work!!  :)  Andrea

Facebook message dated October 3, 2012--
I love your soaps ! We found you in FL when we lived there and now that we're back north we haven't had the pleasure of finding you up here. My family doesn't like the dry feeling soap gives our skin so we each had our own favorite flavor to use :-)   Elisa V.

Email dated September 24, 2012--Thank you so much! I just love this soap {Only Oats}. I can’t say that enough!  Although I’m up in years, it’s the only soap that agrees with my skin/face.  I wish I had found this 50 years ago!   You’ll be hearing from me soon. Thanks again!  Sue L.

Email dated September 10, 2012--I just want to let you know how much I really enjoy your soaps.  I have extremely sensitive skin and finally  have found your product that does not give me a rash when I use it.  Plus I have found my husband using it too.  Thanks so much for what you do!!!!  LouAnn W.

Email dated July 11, 2012--I was skeptical when my girlfriend spent tean bucks on a couple bars of saop at libertyville days this summer, but i was very pleased. First your soap lasts alot longer than the cheap bars. it seems like itnever gets smaller and this was the biggest surprise for me.. My skin feels nicer and it gets even the really grimy dirt off. It also smells great, i look forward to showering and smelling the great blueberry bar. I am very pleased and will buy more soap in the future. We havent opened the razzberry bar yet but i keep finding myself smelling the package every time im in the bathroom. Thanks for a great product with a great value!      Jim S.

Email dated June 27, 2012--Hi Jackie!  I am from Sycamore, IL and have bought your soaps each time you are here…..I use the Cucumber/Tea Tree on my face for oily skin.   I have to admit I was down to one bar and bought from someone else here in town and have discovered that it is not the same as yours…so I learned my lesson…..I will be placing an internet order from your website….Kellly P. 

And then from a followup email June 28, 2012--I was so upset that I spent the money on a local distributor just to find out that it is not the same nor even made here....like I said...a lesson well learned....  Have a wonderful day,
Kelly P.

Email dated June 26, 2012--Both my 16 year old daughter and I purchased incense from you during Strawberry Fest this past weekend.  It is wonderful incense!!   I'm glad you enclosed the
order form because we will be placing an order with you for a whole bunch more!  
Thank you, Angela T. - Mequon, WI

Email dated August 31, 2011--Just want you to know how much I love your soaps...and also how well your Bug Off- It's a Jungle Out There soap has worked for us this year in mosquito land!  I use your soap routinely, and when I go out to work in the garden, the mosquitoes do not bite me! Amazing product.  I gave a bar to my friend...before she went to the Northwoods in Wisconsin, and she said the same thing.  She loved how well it smelled, and also how well it worked.  I think she may be stopping by your online store to get more.  Thanks again for some great soaps!  Cindy P

Note with order dated July 1, 2011--Dear Jackie, ... But I digress, we've unpacked most of the boxes to discover that your awesome soaps were missing, lost or misplaced. Personally I think the movers loved the scent of your soap and kept them for themselves. Regardless, I love your product and can't seem to live without it. Besides, someone has to introduce your soaps to the Southwest. Thank you for your wonderful products and the delightful story blog. Warmest regards to you and your family,
James H.

Email dated July 1, 2011--My friend also said, "I've never been so excited about a product before!  The fish lips is the first lip balm I've used that actually healed my lips."  How's that for a "good morning"  !    kim

Note with order dated June 30, 2011--Had the pleasure of buying and trying your products when you were at a festival in St. Augustine.  Love your stuff!  The incense and soaps are divine.   Cynthia

Email dated June 30, 2011      Jackie ~ I received my order yesterday (Wed.) and  used the soap this morning .... LOVE IT!  So glad my friend and I ran into you at the Sycamore art show.  Keep up the good work!And thank you for shipping so quickly.  Kim

Note with payment dated April 11, 2011--Thanks so much for sending up the "Oats"!  WOW - that is great soap for me (and my allergies).  I hope you are having good luck at the shows this Spring and are getting ready for a good summer in Illinois...Pam G.

Note with order dated 4/2/2011--I met you at the Cedar Key seafood fest, and it was all over!  I and everyone I gave your soap to at Christmastime has become addicted! I am now buying soaps in amounts totaling over $100 per order!!! We all LOVE your products, Jackie! Just LOVE EM! (and I am a TOTAL SOAP SNOB, too! I have tried MANY kinds of homemade soap but you have the consistency, and the scents {oh the scents} down pat!)--Tiffany B.

Email regarding the Pine Tar Pet Soap "Nothin' but a Hound Dog" dated October 27, 2010--Hi, Just want you to know that Gracie still is soft and she has no smell. When I rinsed her off it felt like like she had a conditioner on her and I thought she would feel like she had a film over her. Not the case, she is soft and smooth and not waxy. Mickey R.
Email October 12, 2010--I really love your coffee soap! I keep it at the kitchen sink to get of food-related odors on my hands, but I have also discovered how great it is for cleaning my paintbrushes. It is just abrasive enough to clean them, but doesn't strip the natural oils from the brush. The brushes stay soft and hold their edge and shape much longer. Hope I see you soon to get more! Thanks!! Lori R.
Email dated November 28th, 2010-- I just wanted to tell you that I bought 1 bar of your soap at the Buckler's Craft Show in W.P.B. in Oct. (or Sept, cant remember). After bringing it home I thought they would be great little gifts for Christmas. So I just recently bought 9 more and just got done putting them all in your cute lacey bags. What a clever way to present a bar of soap! Can't wait to give them as gifts, Just wanted to say thank-you. Gayle H.
Email dated April 8, 2010--Thank you for your soaps.  Our favorite store closed (we used to go down to San Diego just for the soaps!), then when their website closed down also, we were at a loss.  My husband loves his China Rain soap but is now in love with your “Your Tiki or Mine”! Your soaps are excellent, delivery very prompt and service superb!  Cindy K.
Email March 24, 2010--I bought three bars of soap from you at the Kanapaha Gardan Festival last weekend and I adore them so far! The soap cleanses so well without drying or leaving a residue. I even washed my face with it (though that particular bar didn't designate it was for face), and was pleased. I think it may have even calmed my keratosis pilaris a bit. I've been using the Tangerine and Coconut scented bar and I love it (though I know wish I would have cut it up into a smaller piece, so that I could also try the Black Raspberry and Vanilla soon)! I liked the soap and scents so much, I recommended the soap on a bath and body message board (www.makeupalley.com) I post to.  Kristen Y.
Note with order dated January 30, 2010--Hi Jackie, my 14 yr old son LOVES the Only Oats Oatmeal for his sensitive skin! Sea Salt is still my fav. Since I have turned him on to your soaps (his isn't lasting very long, so I am ordering your soap dish) I expect you will hear from me more often. He has some acne (not a ton) but if you think of a soap that might be good for his face please let me know (also if there is anything other than the Oats that you think he might like please advise). Thanks again for your great products and service.
Melissa S. 
Jackie's Note--Suggested they try the Cucumber Tea Tree Soap too!
Email dated November 14, 2009--Hi there Jackie,  Just a quick note to tell you that the soap arrived in perfect condition.  It was great to come home after a 14 hr. day at school and smell the wonderful scents greeting me.  Then I plopped down on the couch, opened that box, lifted each bar and whiffed away!!!  Don't worry about the pomegranite, I'll order it next time.  Thanks again, Susan K.
Email dated Oct. 12, 2009--Jackie,  I am Robin’s sister-in-law.  When she came back from your place she brought me a bar of the Almond.  I love it!  I was just using it to wash my face so it would last longer but had to give in and put it in the shower.  You have a great product.  My soap of choice has always been Crabtree and Evelyn La Source, moisturizing soap with shea butter.  Key word, has been, now I prefer using your soap.  Thanks Jackie.  I look forward to receiving my order.  Candy G.
Email dated May 1, 2009-- hanks Jackie,  I recieved the incense yesterday, really fast shipping!  I love the scent of all of them, but I'd have to say that bamboo & teak is my favorite fragrance!   Smells really sweet & woody with a hint of wild flowers to me.  I will order from you again in a month, as I'd like to order more of the bamboo & teak.........and maybe try another fragrance as well.  Many Thanks for your business, Regards, James A.
Note with order dated April 29, 2009--Dear Jackie--Thanks so much for the "pre-order" pricing, even with a calculator my math skills are lacking!  Your soaps and lace bags have made me a hit at cocktail parties!  Thank you! --Sandy W.

Email dated 2/14/2009:   Jackie: Thanks for the shipping cost adjustment. I am having such fun giving your soaps in the lovely lace bags as that “little extra something” to friends as Valentine’s Day and birthday gifts. I hope you will be visiting Southeastern WI craft fairs this summer. I will check your website. I so enjoy your products.--Pat B.

Note with order dated 2/5/2009--Thank you, Jackie.  Your soap is the best!  We will be buying more.  Thanks again.
Frank and Mary Pat L.
Email dated Nov. 7th, 2008--I enjoy reading your emails newsletters, and am now converted to JT soaps only - bye-bye Dr. Bonner.  Marilyn
Note from Jackie-- I almost had to call my Mom to make sure she didn't write this one!!!  Email dated 7/31/2008--Jackie, OMG!  I am from Wisconsin and last week I flew down to Florida to visit my Dear Aunt Donna from Palatka.  She is such a woman of wisdom, inner peace and all things that come from nature.  She only uses natural products that are pure and in highest form.  When I used her shower she had a funny looking bar of soap and told
me to use it.  Well I used it!  And OMG, it was the Satin Sheets
scent.  My skin was so soft, so smooth, so silky and most of all it  wasn't dry and tight.  Some people think that squeeky clean feeling is normal.  Well its not people!  She gave me the bar to take home and have for my own.  I have litterally fallen in L-O-V-E with this scent.  I used it on my two year old who has those little excema bumps on his arms and legs, and his skin is getting better after just one week of using it!  I have noticed in a short time my complexion on my face is alot better too.  I had alot of blackheads and oily yukky spots. Well, it doesnt stop there!  I told my mom, I told my coworkers I work with at the hospital, and they looked at me like I was
nuts!  I am just so excited and hyper and just amazed at this little bar of soap, that I have to share it with others!  So needless to say, I took my bar of soap, and cut a chunk off to bring to work.  Everybody loves it!  I love it!  I need more!  I want to try more!  I am going to become a junkie!  I am not to saavy on ordering things online, and i preffer to send a check in the mail.  From other comments from readers you send an order form?  Can you fax one to me??  Or mail one??  Let me know!  Thanks so much.  I also read you are coming to Wisconsin and Illinois.  I am going to try my darndest
to get there. With the 2 year old in hand!  This is too good to be true woman!  I look forward to hearing back from you! 
Thanks a million!  over and over and over!  Sincerely,
Email dated July 17, 2008:   We got our order yesterday and I am loving the lip balm! I can't wait to start using the soaps, though I'll have to decide which one to use first... And thanks so much for the discount and for the free shipping. As soon as we get started making soap, we'll let you know how our first batch turns out. And I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions for you by then...:)  Take care!  --Vivian S.
Email dated June 19, 2008:   Jackie,   I am enjoying the soaps so much. My husband even uses them. I will be ordering more for gifts soon.  Thanks so much.  Lisa D.
Email dated 4/28/2008--
Hi Jackie!  I hope the Apopka show was a winner for you!  I am Cissy, the one who brought you a bag of packing peanuts in the morning.  I hope that you got a few more bags before the day was out.  I have been wanting to tell you for awhile how much I enjoy your newsletters, and meant to do so when I came by the 2nd time to buy soap.  ...   But I did want to let you know before any more time passed that I do enjoy them, and especially like knowing where you will be next, so I can replenish the stock of soap I keep for myself and for gifts.  Your soap smells great and I have gotten rave reviews from the folks who have received them as gifts from me!  I also like how beautifully you package them.  Keep up the good work, and we'll see you down the road!  Cissy
Order dated April 15, 2008--I love your soaps (especially the Garden Harvest)! My mother is an artist and found you at a local art/craft festival. She has been feeding my fix for your soap ever since! I am glad you are so close and look forward to trying all your soaps! Thank you!  Genevieve J.
Email dated  Nov. 30, 2007--My Jackie Story starts a few years back, maybe even 5 years ago. My girlfriend twisted my arm to go to the Yellow Daisy Festival at Stone Mountain, GA.  I'm really not that fond of most crafts that are at these festivals, although there are some artist out there who are producing wonderful arts. But, I have to be honest and say that I do love to go for the food. I have become a Kettle Corn fool. I will go anyplace for a fresh bag of it.

Back to my story, so I go to the festival. I see lots of soap booths and go into check out their scents but nothing really strikes me. We come to your booth and I don't know what it was but it was just different. I bought maybe 2 bars of soap. Although I only remember what one of them was it has captured me ever since. It was Green Thumb the lemongrass scent. I just love it.  Now its all I want. I will take it without the scrubbies and just get the lemongrass from time to time and I have even on occasion tried some other items but this is my favorite.

Last Summer we saw you at some other festival and I didn't get any of my favorite scent because I thought I had some in back log. But as it turned out I didn't. Then I realized that my girlfriend, Torrie, was going to Orlando and maybe she could stop by and pick it up for me. She did,  and brought her daughter Emalee, who worked at Disney. Torrie bought a variety of scents and turned Emalee on to some as well. They both loved the time they spent at your home seeing how you had things set up and how happy you were doing something
you love.  So keep up the good work and I will keep spreading my love for Jackie's soap to more friends and family.  Caroline P.

Email dated 11/13/2007--Thank you so much. We absolutely love your soaps. We do not use any other brand of soap. I have strayed to try from other vendors, but nothing compares. My whole family uses them. You have a customer for life. Thank You.   Rose E.
Email dated 11/12/2007--I purchased your soap when you were at Cedarhurst in IL (I think!) and I love it.  The reasons I love it are that it does not disappear in no time flat, and that it is cut the size of other bar soaps so it fits in my hand.  I love your soaps!  Patty C.
Email dated 10/14/2007--Hey Jackie..we're loving the incense sticks we got from you..and I've already made up my own oil by adding some of the kumquat essential oil to some grape seed oil.  Smells yummy.  I'll be looking forward to your newsletter.      Carolyn R.
Note from August, 2007--Dear Jackie, This note is late, but the
appreciation most sincere for your "Good Clean Fun" program
here at West Oaks {Library} in July.  I received very good feedback!
I also sent some of your product to our branch administrator and
she loved the fragrance (Home Sweet Home).  Thanks again!  I look forward to working with you in the future.  Best, Peggy G.
 Email from August 2007--Hi Jackie, I purchased 3 different bars of soap from your sister at  the Venetian show in Lake Geneva, Wisc. Currently am thoroughly enjoying the citrus one. (sorry can't remember the exact name right now)!   Looking forward to becoming one of your regular customers.
 My skin feels great! Thank you.  Sue

Email dated July 17, 2007 -- Your soap is the best thing ever.  This is my second order and it is such a treat!  Thank YOU!  Brooke F. 
Email dated May 15, 2007--So glad you are attending so many shows.  Business must be booming.  I would like to order the Frangipani log later on in the summer, just preparing at this time.  By the way, the gift bag that I purchased for my Mom's birthday was such a great hit.  She especially got a kick out of the "fish lips."  All of the scented soap was squabbled over by my little nieces for whom she does daycare.  They were hiding with it and just smelling and smelling it.  All such little divas!  Anyway, thanks for always being there and for such a good product.  I will give you some advanced notice when I am ready to order the log.  You rock!   -  Anita
Email dated 3/22/2007   Jackie-I just received my incense (and soap) order, and just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your products, and to thank you for the wonderful, prompt service. I will certainly be in touch, and hopefully see you at another St Augustine event!  Nancy L.
Email dated 11/22/2006--Thank you, FYI I bought some incense from you at the Harvest last Saturday (in Miami) and the sample soap and incense was enough to make me hunt in my pile of papers for the order sheet you included... My son has been walking around since Saturday asking why the house smells like lemons. (lemon grass incense)  I love it!  Thanks!!  Doreen D.
From Email dated 10/10/2006--Hello Jackie:   I love the shampoo bar. Makes my hair very shiny and silky. Thanks for suggesting.  Vicki B.
Order from April 30th, 2006--Your incense is by far the best I've used.  Hence the enclosed order and payment.  ...   Take care I look forward to your incense.  Patti C.
Order from Feb. 28th, 2006--Hi There!  I just wanted you to know that I just bought your soaps...and I have to say WOW!  My skin has never tolerated soap before (it is soooo sensitive).  These soaps don't irritate my skin at all and the feeling is amazing!!  Please make sure to send me another order form for all my future purchases!  Thanks, Dina G.
Order dated  Feb 2, 2006--Your Only Oats soap is the ONLY soap I have ever found that helps my acne.  I have even tried prescription products, and they do not even work as well as your Only Oats soap!!  Ethan L.
Order dated January 23, 2006-- I purchased your soap at Market Days here in Tally.  They are great. Since you won't be close to Tally anytime soon, I will be visiting your site again before my nieces birthday.  Thank you.  Teresa M.

Order dated January 20, 2006--Hi There! I missed you at this year's Market Days here in Tallahassee, and am down to my very last sticks of my favorite incense!! I LOVE your incense and can say it IS the best, and most authentic, out there!! THANK YOU!--Nancy P.
Email dated January 19, 2006--I Love this cucumber and Shea soap.  I've had dry skin marks on my face for over a year now and just using your soap has cleared it all up in a matter of a week.  All the lotion and creams didn't do it, but your soap did and it cleared up the dry skin scales on my legs, from the cold Ohio winters.--Annette S.
Email dated August 29, 2005:  Hi! I washed both dogs today & the soap is great. Rinses easily & left their coats fresh & clean. Wonderful!
Email dated August 6, 2005:   Hi Jackie, I'm Lynn A's friend and pet sitter.  She gave me a bar of your Gardenia soap and I love it!  I noticed that it was special when my face didn't feel dry after using it.  I take a double look at that bar of soap every time I use it simply because it's almost too good to be true. I'll be ordering from you in the near future, Lynda S.  
Email dated 4/27/05   I really like your soap, it is the only soap that keeps my skin allergy from driving me crazy.  I first tried when I was visiting Lakeland, Fla., as you can see by my order i now depend on it. Thank you.   B. M. 
Email dated February 22, 2005  (from my sister!)  I forgot to tell you about Travis at the cabin.  I forgot to bring a bar of
soap with so we had to use the free stuff.  The first morning, Travis got out of the shower and said "Mom, I feel all sticky because I didn't use Jackie's soap!"  Thought you would appreciate this comment.  I agree 100%.  Even though I used my Mary Kay facial cleaner, the soap was hard on my skin and I'll be recovering for several weeks before it is back to normal again!  Love,  Jodie and Travis
P.S.  Garry still has no clue, but I know he is better off because of your
Email dated 6/23/2004:  Just placed another order so I can give some of your wonderful soap to some co-workers and family members!  Also wanted to try a few other things for myself!  I absolutely adore the Patchouli soap and it has made my skin remarkably soft.  Just wanted you to know how much your hard work is appreciated!  CS, Boynton Beach, FL
Email dated 5/24/04  thank you so much for getting the order to me in such a timely fashion  i presented the sandalwood soaps to our special sandalwood high school retirees and naturally they were a  hit-- many thanks jackie-- i am loving my patchouli- have a great summer- blessings- L.S.
Email dated 5/23/04:    Thank you!  You're incense is the best.  Will certainly order again in future.  SS
Letter dated 2/25/04   Dear Jackie--I want to take this opportunity once again to thank you for the beautiful packaging and great soaps.  I received the soaps today.  I decided to wash my face with the Honey, Shea, Oatmeal and Milk and Butter {Oatmeal Milk & Honey Shea Butter Soap!} soap!  WOW!  What a great difference--my complexion feels and looks smoother and is alive... Several people have asked me recently "what are you doing to yourself?"  ... Now I can add when asked I have a great new soap.  I finally found someone who understands my at-one-time very bad complexion and bad skin on my back.  I will tell all! 
Fran W.
{All this stems from one little sample chunk of the Everything But the Kitchen Sink soap!  Thanks Fran!!--Jackie}
Thanks so much, I really appreciate your
quick shipment.  JW
I was very fortunate to receive several bars of
your Citrus Splash soap from a friend and would
like to be able to purchase more.  I would also 
like to know what other soaps you make, etc.
Do you have a price list that you can send me?
I would very much appreciate it.  Thank you
so very much.  Sincerely, TP
Hi Jackie!  I apologize for not getting back to 
you sooner but I wanted to see if a friend wanted
to order some things too.  So, we've got out list
together and here it is...Thank you and thanks
for making these wonderful goodies!  SC
Love your stuff!  Please send me another order
form!!  DH
Hi Jackie!  Looking forward to using these new
soaps.  CM
Hi Jackie--sorry to hear you will not be there--
you have a lovely booth and it smells SOOOO
good!  I'll just go ahead and place my order to 
be shipped...BM
I received the order last night.  Thank you for the
extras, not a big fan of the patchouli {me either...
LOL} but really liked the Cedarwood.  We are just
coming to the end of our last order and one of the 
packs that was left was Country Kitchen, we really
liked that!  V
I know I liked the Patchouli and the Dragon's Blood
(something like that) - I couldn't tell you if they were
earthy or sweet.  I think I like them all!!!   KW
Jackie, I hope I can still get these soaps, I love them.
Let me know how much and I will mail you a check.
Thanks, J
Hi Jackie, I wanted you to know that your donation was a big hit at the auction.  We raised $1800 this year.  Thanks to people like you.  Denise at Trotti's
Jackie--Here is the order I e-mailed you about.  I enjoy your products very much.  Thank you--R
Email dated 11/19/2001--I bought a lotion jar from you at the Oct. Buckler craft fair at the South FL Fairgrounds.  What a fabulous product!!!!  I've shared it with my family members and they all love it too.  I need to order some for Christmas presents....ME, Plantation, FL

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