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Hot Process Soapmaking Workshop

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Hot Process Soapmaking Workshop
Soap Pictures and Descriptions--under construction!

Fran and her sister with their creation!

Susan G. and her new soaps created during a soap class in September 2007!

Alex and Angie after a successful batch!

Father and son team, Mike and Don with their new skin loving batch!

Jim and Erica creating a near perfect "Beach" scent!

Wes is armed and ready with gifts for friends and family!

Vivian and her new creation! Hubby is hiding from the camera!

Guiseppe and his friend making SOAP!

Lee and Barbara after a successful batch!

Kellly from Michigan tries her hand at Hot Process soap!

Teri, Andy and Darlene after class!

Maria and her busband (from Venezuela!) took the class in January 2011

Sandra and Sergio's Class in September, 2011

Chris and Ashley in May 2011

Jeff and Noelle show off their cut soap log in Dec. 2011

What fun we had this day...I wish I could show you all the pictures they took!

Rhoda and Malishas made a Patchouli and Spa Blend soap at class--and reminded me to get the pic!

Darn, Joy and Sonia closed their eyes...but Jackie's are wide open. Nov. 2012


Maureen and Cindy in class, March 2013


From one of my students:

Hey Jackie,

The soap is looking very good...smells good too!!!  A co-worker thinks so, my mother thinks so, and my sister in Palm City is eagerly waiting for her soap.  I was able to carve out 14 bars and made 21 balls of gardenia soap.  Thank you so much for teaching me about soap making.  I look forward to making more soap for family and friends. --Wes

I know there are a few frustrated soap chemists out there...come on, just raise your hands!!  For those of you just itching to start formulating a soap made by you...for you...I now offer half-day classes on the hot process method of soaping.  Hot process is just one way of making soap from scratch...it's the way we like to make soap around here. 
You will learn one-on-one how to safely use a crock pot to make "nearly" ready-to-use handmade soap using tried and tested methods I have used for almost 20 years.   You will go home with one log of soap (8-12 bars depending on how you cut it!) in a take-home mold; an equipment list; instructions on the basics, how to mix colors, use herbs and blend scents;  and recipes for the next batches you might try.  Most importantly you will have the knowledge and satisfaction that you did it and you can do it again!  You will have plenty of time to ask questions.
And, just to make this way too much fun, you can bring up to two guests for free!  Sorry, three is the limit as my workroom is very small.  The three of you will each be provided with all course handouts to take home, so you will have a buddy system once you start making soap on your own. 
Course prerequisites are:
  • You must be 18 years old.  No pets or children are allowed in the class or as a guest. 
  • An ability and desire to stand in a hot kitchen for 3 hours.  
  • Making soap requires the handling of a known caustic and you must have the ability to calmly and safely handle the soap while you are measuring and preparing ingredients and cooking the soap.  If you can cook or bake, follow a recipe and you are not easily frightened...you probably have what it takes.  
  • You must be in good health with no respiratory ailments.  We will provide you with a soapmaking mask to filter out the "nasties".  As my shop is also my soap storage facility, it is very highly fragranced, so you must also be able to tolerate strong smells. 
  • Prepayment in full for the course. 
  • Each person attending will bring their Driver's License--I will make a copy for my records.
  • You must sign a release of liability and a non-compete agreement to take the class...sorry just a precaution and the usual legal "crap".

Click here to view the documents

What do you get out of the class:

  • Personalized, individualized hands-on instruction!  We know that everyone learns things a little differently, so we will find what works for you and your friends!
  • We will first learn about the process, equipment and ingredients before working with the soap pots.
  • Handouts to take home that will give you all the information you learned, recipes to try later and resources to find the things you might need!
  • A 2.5 - 3 pound (approx. oil weight) log of soap that we will custom scent and color to take home.  You can share it with your fellow attendees, use it for gifts or just hoard it for your shower!
  • A 20% discount on ANY regular in-stock products you want to buy that day.
Payment and Policies:
If you have any questions, please email or call me before registering.  Sign-ups are first come, first served!  If booking a class within three days of class date, do not consider your class confirmed until you talk to me. 
Before signing up for a class, please read all the information on this page.  By signing up, you are stating that you have read and understand all information.

You can only use the credit card payment option when booking a class.  You may pay with cash or check the day of the class, but, I must have your credit card information in the case of a no-show on your part. 
If more than one person will be attending and only one of you will be paying, please note the guests names in the comments area.  If no guest names are noted I will assume you want a private class and only one workshop booklet will be available.  
If you all want to share the cost between up to three people, please have each student register separately so I will have all the payment info for each person.  I will manually process the charge to each credit card by splitting it evenly between all the attendees--if you want some other split, just let me know (for example if you want to pay $100 and each guest $50)!  In the comments area of the order form please note the names of every one who will be attending and be sure to give the person who will be the main contact. A cell phone number and an alternate email address could be very helpful! 
Refunds:  with a minimum 48 hour notice via email or speaking directly with me or my voice mail (which is date and time stamped), you will be given a 100% refund.   We do hope you will reschedule as the calender permits though!  If I have to cancel, you of course will be given a full refund!
Cancellations:   with less than 48 hours AND if I have not begun the class prep, you will be given a 100% refund if the class is rebooked. You will only get a 50% refund if the class is not rebooked and I have already started the prep.  This covers cancellations for any reason--you got the wrong date or time, your car broke down, you are sick, had to work late, etc.  NO EXCEPTIONS unless you rebook!   Each class has a minimum materials cost and considerable time to prepare those materials just for you, so please be considerate. Rebooking is at my convenience.
Class Location:671 Purple Sage Dr, Roscoe, IL 61073. I am in a residential neighborhood north of Rockford, IL.  Please research and print out directions (or call ahead of time!) before you are on your way.  If more than one person is attending, please bring only one vehicle.  Please park in the driveway. 
On Class Day:   What to wear the day of the workshop--long sleeved shirt and long pants that can get dirty or oil stained.  They may or may not come clean!  You will be provided all other things needed for the class...just show up!  If you have a pair of rubber gloves that fit just right, a grilling apron or a pair of safety glasses that stays put (or fits over your glasses)--you are welcome to bring them.  Don't worry though, we will have plenty for your group!  Plan to spend 3+ (with a group it can go nearly four) hours in your intensive workshop.
Half Day Soapmaking Workshop
(for up to three people)
(Please ignore the tax and the shipping charge the shopping cart will show.  I enter the charge manually
class day!)

Just about anytime with at least three days notice!
Morning classes run from 9 a.m. until noon and evening classes from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m. But I am easy and can make it work for you most of the time!  

Here's what I need for you to put in the comments area of the shopping cart--write it down now so you remember!):

Dates you are available and if you want a morning or evening class, and if you need a different time!

Names of up to three people attending

Soap scent you are looking to make or anything special you might like to do (limited to the oils I have on hand of course). 

I will call or email to verify the availability!

Reserve Soapmaking Classes Now

Soapmaking Classes Price: $200.00

Proudly accepting Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Paypal.

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