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I know there are a ton of you who love the scrubby soaps--those soaps that exfoliate and help remove the dead cells from your skin to keep it fresh and bright! And in the winter months, your skin will insist you exfoliate...otherwise you will have those dry skin look or you might be scratching all the time!  At every show, I am asked which soaps are the ones that have the scrubbies in them!  

In response to this, I made a special line of Scrub Soaps in addition to the ones I was already making.  The new soaps combine the benefits of a salt scrub, a sugar scrub or a brown sugar scrub.  The benefit?  Being able to do three things at once!  There is no need to wash with soap, then use your scrub and finally moisturize.  It is all included in one bar of scrub soap!!   

All the soaps are also sold on the Soap and Soap Dish page.

Most Scrubby
Coffee (unscented with Coffee Grounds) 100% Natural / 
              Wake Up Call
Coffee Shop (scented with Finely Ground Coffee Grounds /
             Cuppa Joe
*Best Seller* Lemongrass Scrubby (with cornmeal) 100% Natural / 
            Green Thumb
Sage Lemon & Lavender (with poppy seeds) 100% Natural
           / Clarity

Medium Scrubby
Lavender Oatmeal (with ground oatmeal, ground lavender
         and rose clay) 100% Natural / Hidden Meadow
Oatmeal Milk & Honey (with ground oatmeal) / 
         Home Sweet Home
Only Oats (unscented) 100% Natural
Clove 100% Natural (with Cranberry Fiber) / Renew

Least Scrubby
These soaps have very finely ground clays, powders or spices which make them feel almost smooth--but you are getting exfoliation without the scratchiness.  

Activated Charcoal Spa Blend 100% Natural Black Soap
Citrus Splash 100% Natural (with bentonite clay for 
Lavender Patchouli Vanilla (with ground lavender) / 
          Sweet Earth
Chocolate (with cocoa powder) / I Will...for Chocolate
Cinnamon (with ground cinnamon) 100 % Natural /
           Cinnamon Sticks
Lily of the Valley (with bentonite Clay) / Garden Queen 
Pumpkin Spice (with nutmeg, ground clove and cinnamon
            powder) / Harvest Moon

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